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  • 5 Frozen Treats to Enjoy in Merchants Square 4

5 Frozen Treats to Enjoy in Merchants Square

August 10th, 2022

Whether you’re stumbling over from Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area or spending the day shopping, it’s still summer in Merchants Square! The streets of downtown Williamsburg are abuzz with new faces and there’s an endless array of exciting things happening all summer long. But you (or your family) may need some help staying cool during those warm summer months. Look no further, we’ve got you covered on the best ways to cool down and enjoy a yummy treat or two during the hottest time of year.

1. Baskin Robbins’s Ice Cream Treats

5 Frozen Treats to Enjoy in Merchants Square 1

There’s no better way to cool off than with ice cream. From unique flavors like “Beach Day” and “Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat” to classics like Vanilla and Chocolate, taste your way through the menu and enjoy cups, cones, milkshakes and sundaes at this summertime staple.

2. Secret Garden Café’s Frozen Milk Tea

5 Frozen Treats to Enjoy in Merchants Square 3

Milk tea meets slushie! Whether you prefer your frozen milk tea with matcha, strawberry, or chocolate flavorings, there’s something for everyone at Secret Garden Café! Sip your way through their expansive menu and choose your flavor of tea, your toppings, and enjoy.

3. La Piazza’s Coppa Di Gelato

La Piazza

Whether you’re stopping in for lunch, dinner, or sometime in between, save room for dessert! To cap off an authentic northern Italian meal, try the Coppa Di Gelato, which is an Italian-style sundae with milk, chocolate, and pistachio gelato.

4. illy Caffe’s Chocolate/Caramel Cream Tempesta

5 Frozen Treats to Enjoy in Merchants Square 2

When you think of a coffee shop, you might think of steaming espressos and baked goods. While illy has you covered there as well, their tempesta beverages are the perfect way to enjoy something a little sweet while still getting an energy kick from the coffee. Blended with ice, this is the perfect pick me up on a sunny afternoon.

5. Aromas

5 Frozen Treats to Enjoy in Merchants Square

Although renowned for its coffee, bakery, and quaint café vibes, did you know that Aromas has a variety of both coffee and non-coffee frozen beverages? Try the Aromaccino, a coffee smoothie with caramel and whipped cream, or for our non-coffee drinkers out there, try the Orange Freeze that features orange juice, vanilla syrup, and ice cream.

When you shop or dine in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, not only are you supporting locally owned small businesses, but you are also supporting the educational mission of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, “That the future may learn from the past.”

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